Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

The Union is founded on the indivisible, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity; it is based on the principles of democracy and the rule of law. It places the individual at the heart of its activities, by establishing the citizenship of the Union and by creating an area of freedom, security and justice.

28.2% of population in poverty

33.8% of infant population in poverty

15,451 families evicted from their homes only in the first 6 months of 2013 (last available data). Almost as many as all of 2012.

5,933,300 people unemployed in the first trimester of 2014

25.93% unemployment rate in the first trimester of 2014

Almost half these people do not get a subsidy for unemployment.

  • IBEX-35 companies increase their benefits during the crisis
  • The big fortunes of the Spanish state increase their wealth by 10%
  • Spain is the state in the European Union where inequality has risen the most.

It is evident that the European Union is not fulfilling its foundational treaty. Europe is ours, the people's, but they have taken it away from us. We have to get it back away from the hands of the speculators that have hijacked it.

If Europe is not good to guarantee a decent living
to its citizens, then what is it good for?

We believe that the European Union should take decisive actions and it should not wait to end the social drama that we are currently living.

Europe is breaking apart because the population of the south is being confronted against the north, when all the people are victims of the austerity dictat.

We cannot tolerate a Europe where the principle of solidarity and equality is broken.

We want a Europe that puts people at the center of its priorities.

Justícia The European Court of Human Rights condemned the abusive Spanish mortgage law, which the governments of both the conservative PP and the socialist PSOE implemented. It caused a plague of foreclousures that we are now suffering because of the housing bubble. We need a EU-wide protection on the families' rights to a decent living.

We need to apply a mortgage amnesty to combat the burden of the debt on the families, a measure that was implemented in Iceland and which even the IMF now considers to be necessary in the state of Spain.

A depressed society makes consumption fall and companies close, fact that will create more unemployment in an endless loop. On the contrary, raising the welfare and social rights of the people will make the economy get back on track.

al es recupere.


  • It is necessary to establish a European minimum wage with a criterion of european social convergence. The current differences in wages are also a focus of macro economical instability
  • Minimum Wage in Spain Minimum Wage in Belgium
    752.85€/month 1501.82€/month
  • It is necessary to walk towards the harmonisation of social and labour rights throughout the European Union, so that all Europeans can enjoy the same rights. It is also necessary to establish a calendar to meet all of this objectives and establish regulations that help us advance in this direction
  • We propose an Unconditional Basic Income to end with exclusion and [dsd] a series of basic social rights accessible to all.

We propose raising the Union’s budget to double the 1.24% of the current total in a first instance, which should keep being increased progressively so that innovative projects can be financed:
  • Reindustralisation of the technologies of knowledge.
  • Financing of research and development and promoting a pioneer EU at the forefront of science


240,000 million in fiscal evasion, 23% of the GDP

  • We want the European Union to fight decisively against internal and external fiscal paradises.
  • We want a tax on financial transactions (known as Tobin Tax) to be actually and decisively applied.
  • It is necessary to harmonise corporate taxes at an European level to avoid fiscal dumping and offshoring.
  • A plan against fraud and fiscal evasion is necessary at an European level. The EU should get involved in supervising its states to act in coordination and with more potent weapons against this scourge. The Union of Technicians at the Budget Ministry (GESTHA) released a report where it estimated at 240,000 million € fiscal evasion in the state of Spain, a 23% of the GPD. And as we can see on the graph on the right, the blame does not lie with the people who are suffering the spending cuts on Education or Dependence, but those for whom never seem to be on crisis: big corporations and big fortunes.
Because Europe has to go back to being a reference of wellbeing of its citizens, as was proclaimed in the Charter for Fundamental Rights of the Union: we must put people fore and centre. Make words a reality, that is what we propose.