In Spain, we are suffering the consequences of a huge housing bubble, the biggest in Europe yet. The worst is, all growth has relied upon this bubble for the past decade.

We are suffering the consequences of years of policies to promote irresponsibly the construction sector, which offered quick money in abundance to a few speculators.

In Spain, more houses were being built than all of France, Germany and the United Kingdom combined, more than half of all of Europe’s constructions.

For example, the savings bank CAM was the main real estate developer of Alacant’s demarcation. It is us, the citizens, who are paying for the bail-out of all these ruinous investments.

Speculators got drunk on bricks and now the number uninhabited houses has sky rocketed, the very same banks that were bailed out with our money evicted thousands of families form their houses.

This is why a change of model is necessary. The housing bubble, a model of corruption and destruction of our territory, cannot come back. But even if it did, it has already been squeezed to death, no matter further support from the conservatives and the socialists to reactive the construction sector. We can’t repeat mistakes form the past.

From Compromís-European Spring, web propose to innovate and create employment through what is known as Green Economics.

The International Labour Organization released a report that estimated that supporting a Green Economy, we could create:

  • 20 million workplaces across Europe
  • 2 million workplaces across Spain
  • 200,000 workplaces across the Valencian Country

A Green Economy is a global paradigm that stems from the Economy for the Common Good, from a non-speculate economy based in added value and respect and harmony with the territory and the environment.

  • Reconversion of the construction sector towards the rehabilitation of existing houses and its energetic optimisation.
  • It is necessary to firmly support renewable energies, which are the future. Fossil energies have an expiry date, and the no-return point is near if we haven't crossed it yet. Moreover, we must invest money on technological research. It is intolerable that we must buy energy from Germany while having such an advantegous sunny climiate.
  • We need a reindustralisation of our country, focused on technological research and the added value in our traditional sectors (bricks, furniture, etc.)
  • We must establish a green tax system that incentivise companies that meet the criteria of a green economy for the common good.
  • We must walk towards food self-sufficiency and ecological agriculture and promote local shopping. We need a thorough reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) so that it rewards the mediterrarian agricultural model, which is more sustainable, more egalitarian and more efficient.

In Spain, we are living under an Oligopoly and an energetic fraud scheme. We pay for the most expensive electricity in Europe.

This is the result of "revolving doors" among politicians who favour determined big companies with legislation in their interests to later end up as members of the board of directors with juicy wages. We must end this perverse and corrupt model.

Some examples of politicians who have ended up in the Board of Directors of big companies who they had previously favoured.

Ángel Acebes (PP) Iberdrola
Felipe González (PSOE) Gas Natural
José María Aznar (PP) Endesa
Josep Borrell (PSOE) Abengoa
Rodrigo Rato (PP) Telefonica
Eduardo Zaplana (PP) Telefonica
Narcís Serra (PSOE) Gas Natural
Pedro Solbes (PSOE) Enel/Endesa
Cristina Garmendia (PSOE) YSIOS
Elena Salgado (PSOE) Endesa
Javier Solana (PSOE) Acciona

And the list goes on...

This is why, Compromís-Primavera Europea wants to return democracy to the energy sector and put an end to this corrupt system. We want a Green New Deal to create quality employment.