If the European Union requested its entry into the European Union as a State, it would be vetoed because of democratic deficit.

The European Union is being lead for the last few years by a European two-party coalition of conservatives and socialists that control all institutions and divide the posts among themselves.

Socialist PSOE's candidate for the European Comission, Martin Schultz, praises Rajoy's spending cuts.

The European Commission is formed by conservatives and socialists who voted José Manuel Durâo Barroso for President. In exchange, Martin Schulz, the European Socialists candidate to President of the Commission in the elections, was appointed President of the European Parliament, along with Alejo Vidal-Quadras, who is now candidate for the far-right and neo-franquist party VOX, as Vice-President representing Europe’s People Party.

This two-party coalition of conservatives and socialists has imposed upon us the austerity dictat and the bank bailout against the rights of the people and brutal spending cuts across Europe, with a non-elected group known as the Troika.

Frau Merkel,
wir haben die Nase voll!

Martin Schulz’s party, the german SPD, has formed twice a Grand Coalition to give Angela Merkel the chancellorship of Germany. The last time, in september 2013, when they preferred to reelect Merkel instead of forming an alternative government with the Greens and Die Linke.

Currently, there are two-party governments composed of conservatives and socialists in States as important as Germany, Italy (where Berlusconi was brought back in order to reach an agreement), Greece, Austria, Belgium, Finland

Economical policies admit no discussion: the hand of steel of the Grand Coalition of conservatives and socialists impose the austerity dictat.

From Compromís-European Spring and the Greens/EFA group we want to end with this monochrome two party coalition and let fresh air enter the European Parliament. We want Real Democracy at a European level.

Des de Compromís-Primavera Europea i el grup ALE-Verds volem acabar amb aquest bipartit monocrom i que entre aire fresc al Parlament Europeu. Volem una Democràcia Real a nivell europeu.

  • It is necessary that the European Parliament has real legislative powers and is the depository of European popular sovereignty. We don't want a parliament void of content and real action, as currently happens, where all the real power is held by unelected bodies such as the European Commission or, worse, the Troika.
  • It is necessary to open a truly democratic and participative Constituent Process, from the bottom up, that is the expression of the will of the peoples of Europe to move towards a federal EU.
  • It is necessary to establish mechanisms for direct citizen participation in European decision-making processes. It is necessary to establish non-restrictive Citizens’ Legislative Initiatives to promote participation.
  • It is necessary to establish EU-wide referendums as method of decision-making.
  • It is necessary to establish transparency and accountability processes for the citizens in all areas of the EU.
  • We must build a Europe of the Peoples, where the EU is configured upon the free will of the peoples that form it and where it stops being a State’s club without a common solidarity.
  • We want a Europe that promotes linguistic, cultural and national diversity as its main and common value of life.
  • We want a European Parliament that is the centre of debate and decision-making at a European level. We do not want it to be the elephant cemetery that it is now, where big parties send decaying politicians to a golden and more than well-paid retirement.
  • Did you know that out of the 5 Valencian MEPs (4 from the Socialists and 1 from the People’s Party) are well below average regarding parliamentary activity?
  • Did you know that all 5 MEPs have only made 624 activities (which can be a simple written question) in 5 years of legislature? That is, an average of 2 activities per month for each of them.
  • The award, however, goes to the MEP who once was the Popular Party’s front-runner in 2009, Mayor Oreja, who has only made 23 activities in 5 years; that is, one every three months.

Compromís is a guarantee of parliamentary work. In all institutions where we have representation -City councils, regional parliaments, Valencian parliament, Spanish parliament, etc.- we are always among the most active groups. Because we bring your voice to institutions. Because, if Compromís is in the European Parliament, you will also be there, and we will work shoulder to shoulder with you.